Before you bare it all for the latest TikTok challenge, you should probably take a look at this.

Twitter and TikTok exploded over the last week with users participating in the #SilhouetteChallenge—a body-positive viral movement that involves a red-glossed filter over a darkened or backlit image of a "scantily-clad" person.

And then a few perverted hackers got a hold of it.

I should use the term hackers lightly, as I should just describe them as creeps, posting tutorial videos on YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit with instructions on how to "remove the red filter" which would then leave the editor with a clearer image of the person featured in the challenge, either in very revealing clothing and often nothing at all.

Obviously, we won't post any of those tutorials here, but what started out as something positive has been soured by pervs who can't stand to see the rest of us having a good time.

Check out more when it comes to what is happening with the challenge and those trying to hack it here via NYPost.

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