Here's something you don't see at every prom---a caged tiger!!

Yes, a high school in Miami is taking some heat online after a video surfaced of a LIVE tiger showed up at prom.

The jungle-theme prom had various "exotic" decorations including birds and a fox, but its the tiger in the cage that has some calling it animal abuse by the school.

You can see the tiger pacing back and forth in its cage as it is rolled out on the dance floor. At one point a person twirling fire is seen performing in front of the tiger.

The principal of the school has since apologized for using the tiger as a prop but he says it was in a controlled environment, which was approved by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation.

What do you think about this? Had this been at your prom or your child's prom would you have been upset over this? Let me know in the comment section below.

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