My Facebook relationship status is listed as "single.'' I sometimes get a sense my married friends somehow feel sorry for me. That's apparently a pretty common thing. Here's some advice. Don't try to "console" your single friends on Valentine's Day. They don't want your advice, either.  Here are three things your single friends DON'T want to hear, according to

#1: "You need to put yourself out there."

#2: "You're too picky."

#3 "It will happen you least expect it."

I repeat, don't offer advice. When singles DO decide to seek advice, nearly half of males (48%) go to male friends, 1/3 to a female friend, and, surprisingly (at least to me), 1 in 8 goes to his ex.

Women are most likely (66%) to consult with a female friend, followed by a male friend (35%), and more than 1 in 4, (27%) got to their parents. If I want your advice, I'll ask.

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