If you look up the word irony in the dictionary you'll find a definition that might read something like this, "a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result". That's how the Oxford English Dictionary defines the word. Meanwhile, a small town volunteer fire department is living that word following a fire at their fire station that damaged three of their trucks.

The fire broke out Monday evening at the Nicholson Volunteer Fire Department in Pearl River County Mississippi. Pearl River County is a neighboring county near the Louisiana line and based on a published report from WLOX Television out of Biloxi three of the department's trucks were damaged so badly they will need to be replaced.

Despite the fact that two fire trucks, a brush truck, and other essential equipment were badly damaged in the blaze residents who receive protection from the Nicholson Volunteer Fire Department do not need to be worried about a lack of fire protection services.

In a message to the press that was released on Wednesday Shawn Wise, the director of the Pearl River County EMA said the county has a "robust automatic and mutual aid agreement" with several other volunteer fire departments in the area. Many of those departments responded to the blaze at the Nicholson station on Monday night.

The story on the WLOX website said that the Nicholson Volunteer Fire Department was working with the Pearl River County Board of Supervisors to quickly procure replacement equipment.

The Mississippi State Fire Marshal's Office's preliminary investigation suggests the blaze started when a malfunction occurred in one of the vehicles housed at the department. The Fire Marshal's office also confirmed that were no injuries reported in the blaze.

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