Every city or town has issues with things happening in their community and Lafayette is no exception.

Thanks to social media we see what people love in their community and what some despise. In recent years we have seen a trend in what people in Lafayette like to complain about and I'll attempt to highlight the Top-5 complaints here.


Let's start with not being invited to parties or private gatherings. Some in Lafayette will let it be known that they feel left out if not invited to a gathering. While it may not be a huge deal, some here will still take to social media to let others know they aren't happy with being left out.

I've seen it and we know you've seen folks from here express their disgusts about not being included.


Next, people in Lafayette love to address or complain about parking. How many times have you seen someone on social media complain about parking at Cajun Field or Downtown Lafayette?

If we can't park up front at some venues, businesses, or in some districts we either complain about it on social media or simply avoid it.


People in Lafayette also love to complain about the number of carwashes in the city. Sure, we've seen an uptick in the number of automated carwashes in Lafayette, but what harm are they?

Perhaps some here don't like that a carwash is taking up "space" that could be used for something that isn't already here. I get it.


I have also noticed that some in Lafayette like to complain about new businesses that open here. While we should be excited for growth, some in Lafayette complain that everyone here runs to a new business or attraction at once, and thus forget about other businesses.

I think this happens everywhere, a business opens and people flock to it all at once. Still, that doesn't stop some from complaining about the amount of people at new businesses.


Lastly, people in Lafayette LOVE to complain about traffic issues on Ambassador Caffery, Johnston St., and other busy roadways. Sure, it can at times be an inconvenience but at least it's not as bad as places like Baton Rouge or Houston.

If you know where traffic backs up in Lafayette, avoid the area and detour.

Google Map
Google Map

I said we'd highlight five complaints, but may I include an honorable mention here? People in Lafayette, myself included, love to complain about the road conditions specifically the conditions of the Evangeline Thruway.

Of all the complaints highlighted here, I think the road condition of the thruway is most warranted. It's a major roadway in the city and it is TERRIBLE. So, we'll continue to complain about it and perhaps one day the state will address it.


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