You know, we all love crawfish. Maybe sometimes we can't afford to eat them, but that's no excuse to steal them. Some hungry bandits that obviously don't agree with me just stole 400lbs of live crawfish from an area restaurant.

KATC reports thieves stole 400lbs, about 12 sacks of live crawfish, from Pit-N-Peel in Baton Rouge.

Had Pit-N-Peel been able to cook them for their hungry, paying customers, the 400lbs would have brought in about $1,200 for the restaurant.

The owner tells WBRZ that he has filed a police report and is reviewing security video to try and find those responsible.

This puts Pit-N-Peel in quite a jam to try and meet the demand of Easter weekend.

Louisiana actually has a law on the books when it comes to crawfish theft.

"A. No person shall knowingly, willfully and intentionally fish or take any commercial crawfish from any crawfish farm, except with the consent of the owner thereof.

B.(1) Whoever commits the crime of theft of crawfish when the misappropriation or taking amounts to a value of five hundred dollars or more shall be imprisoned, with or without hard labor, for not more than ten years, or may be fined not more than three thousand dollars, or both."


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