I recently wrote a tongue in cheek article about having one of the worst jobs in America. It isn't, really. That being said, EVERY job has its headaches and annoyances. The negatives of this job are somewhat unique. Things go wrong...often! You, hopefully, may not notice. The various computers we use are often "uncooperative." I'm sure you've heard CJ complain about this thing called Zetta. We were unwitting guinea pigs when this system was sold to our parent company. The growing pains have been many. When you meet someone in this line of work, please spare us the "face for radio" joke. Many of us are actually shy when not behind the mic. That's Not the case with me. We've all slipped & cursed on the air. Dead air makes our blood run cold. No, we don't play our favorites. Catching a cold is an absolute nightmare. Here's a list of other headaches unique to our profession, from buzzffed.com.

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