You think this radio gig is glamorous? I have one of the worst jobs in the entire United States! That's according to a recent report from They recently ranked the 200 worst jobs in America for 2017. "Radio DJ" (I list my profession on my tax returns as "radio personality") came in at #6. What's so bad about it? Lack of stability, lousy pay, crazy hours, and lack of job security. Everything we do & say is scrutinized. We are frequently the target of criticism. Most people don't have jobs where someone who knows really nothing about them can call their boss & tell them how bad they suck. That being said, I wouldn't do anything else! Why? I can't explain it. There's an old adage among veteran DJ's. "It gets in your blood." In case you're wondering what's the #1 worst job, it's Newspaper reporter.

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