The Waggin' Train Veterinary Clinic posted these pictures of puppies who were dumped in the freezing cold last night.

They were brought into the Waggin' Train offices today to get checked out before heading to Lafayette Animal Control.

One of the Facebook comments asked about the breed, and the reply indicated that they appeared to be Pit mixes, but were still too young to accurately identify the specific breed.

It still amazes me that people have to be reminded of this but, here goes: if you have a dog, and you don't want puppies, have that dog spayed or neutered. Until that happens, you risk the chance of your dog having puppies which, naturally, become your responsibility. If you can't afford to feed, vet, re-home or raise more dogs, then get your dog to the veterinarian for spay or neuter.

I sure do hope that these sweet pups are able to find loving homes.

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