This weekend I discovered the best tasting potato chips in all of Acadiana and maybe the world.  If you like sweet with a hint of onion, my new discovery is for YOU!

Last weekend, my ladies from Calotren, who have sponsored the KTDY Morning Show for over 21 years, came into town for the La. Outdoor Expo and Boat Show.  They all really like Zapp's Potato Chips, especially Suzanne.  They used to be able to get them in their hometown of Union City, Tennessee but for some reason they can't any longer.  Knowing how much they love our local Zapp's Potato Chips, before work on Monday, in the early morning hours, I went to the hotel where they were staying and attached bags on Zapp's Chips to Suzanne's SUV as a surprise.  I had gone to the store and bought an assortment of Zapp's exclusively.

A few days later, I received a text message from Suzanne with a picture of a bag of Sweet Onion Zapp's Potato Chips on her desk with a message that said,

"OH MY GOSH, these are AMAZING!!!  Not sharing!!!"

Staff Photo

So this weekend, I decided to get my own bag of Zapp's Sweet Onion flavored potato chips and a big bag it was.  I ate the WHOLE bag in about 15 minutes.  Now keep in mind, I'm not really a big potato chip kinda guy.  I'll eat them if they're around but hardly ever do I buy them for myself.  Well, I will be purchasing another bag of Zapp's Sweet Onion Potato Chips again tomorrow!

If you like salty and sweet with a hint of tangy savory onion, you have to try this delicious chip, new to the Zapp's family.  I usually think most chips have too much salt on them, but not these, this is the perfect chip.

Staff Photo