If forecasters with the National Weather Service are right on their prognostications for tonight and early Saturday most of us will be awakened or kept awake by some strong thunderstorms. Some of those storms could reach severe limits and there is a possibility that the storms could also produce tornadoes.

It's pretty obvious that we as humans can't do much to stop the forces of nature. What we can do is put ourselves and our families in a safer place should the need arise during these storms.

Since most of the bad weather forecast for the area will occur during the dark hours spotting a tornado could be very difficult to do. That's why you'll want to make sure you have our station App downloaded and your WEATHER alerts turned on. Should there be watches or warnings issued for where you live this is how you can get the information quickly and delivered to you personally.

Storm investigators say that the lowest floor in your home is most likely the safest place for you and your family to be during severe weather. Experts say an interior room with no windows such as a bathroom or closet is actually your best bet. Many storm survivors have told authorities they rode out the bad weather in a bathtub with a mattress on top of them. Hey, whatever keeps you safe.

Should you happen to be riding in a car then your best bet is to leave that vehicle for a substantial shelter. This is why having an advanced warning is so important. It will give you to get to a place of safety. Despite what you may have heard seeking shelter under a bridge or overpass is not a good choice.

If you're in a public building or office then you should seek shelter on the lowest floor of that structure. Make sure you're away from outside doors and windows. Again an interior room such as a closet or bathroom is going to be your safest choice.

Forecasters believe the timetable on this weekend's severe weather outbreak will put residents of Acadiana under the gun later tonight until about mid-morning on Saturday. Forecast models are now suggesting that the worst of the weather will arrive in the Lafayette area just before sunrise Saturday morning.

Conditions should calm down quickly once the storm system moves through. The remainder of Saturday should be cloudy and cooler with high temperatures reaching into the upper 60s. The forecast for Sunday calls partly cloudy skies and even cooler temperatures.

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