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A flat tire, no one wants one.  Better be careful driving around Lafayette then.  There are things around our city that are supposed to protect us, but instead, are the devil in disguise just waiting to tear up our tires.

Speed-bumps protect residential and pedestrian area roadways, streets, pathways and driveways from speeders.  But some speed-bumps in Lafayette are puncturing or damaging vehicle tires.

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The problem with many of the 'secured' speed-bumps in Lafayette is, like many things these days, they are installed with no plan to maintain them.  The speed-bump above looks harmless enough, until you get a closer look.

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Hit at a certain angle and speed, this speed-bump located near a popular Southside grocery store, could damage your tire.  Or even puncture it.  If your tire is damaged after rolling over a hazard such as this, you may never know.  You may have a flat tire days, weeks even months after driving over a poorly maintained speed-bump such as this one and never realize why.

These type speed-bumps come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  They are everywhere in Lafayette.  Try to avoid those with fasteners that are loose or sticking up.  If beomes impossible for you to avoid speed-bumps in poor condition, try to go over them without rolling your tires directly over anything sticking up.