Louisiana House Bill 1031 has been passed by the Louisiana Legislature, and now it awaits the governor's signature.

The bill, according to The Daily Advertiser, the bill is "to end the free ride for electric and hybrid vehicles owners" in Louisiana.

As it stands, tax money received by the state through the sale of gasoline at the pumps is put toward highway and bridge upkeep.

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The current tax on gasoline in Louisiana is around $.20 per gallon and, as you know, owners of electric vehicles aren't purchasing gas, so that tax revenue is less than it would be if every vehicle were gas-powered.

This bill would (help) ensure that tax revenue dedicated to road maintenance/improvements continues to come as more people in the state acquire electric vehicles.

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This road usage fee bill is expected to be signed by Governor Edwards.

According to reporting from the Daily Advertiser, the current average tax paid yearly by individual Louisiana drivers is around $150.

The new law, should it be signed by the governor, would impose an annual fee of $80 for hybrid vehicle owners and $110 for electric vehicle owners.

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Those taxes would be paid by the vehicle owner when it files its state taxes and, as it stands, the state would be relying on "voluntary compliance", according to the story.

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