The City of Opelousas is in the process of getting a makeover, well at least the roads in Opelousas are getting a makeover.

Mayor Julius Alsandor announced that Opelousas has received grants and capital outlay money to help upgrade the roads in the area.


Mayor Julius Alsandor says, “We are working closely with our legislature delegation in Baton Rouge. We acquired grants and capital outlay money.”

The City of Opelousas is working hard to use the money that the city received to maintain current roadways but also to upgrade existing roadways as well.

 “It’s been a while that we have had an abundance of construction,” Alsandor explains.

The construction projects are currently in phase one. So far 10 roads in Opelousas have been given some sort of upgrade and five roads have already been completed.

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While the initial project called for 20 roads to be fixed the estimate for that project was over $600,000. Mayor Alsandor recognizes that more needs to be done to the roadways in Opelousas but this first phase is a step in the right direction.

“The cost of resources and supplies, unfortunately, some roads we wanted won’t get done,” continues Alsandor. At least one road in every district of Opelousas is receiving some sort of attention. “These roads will give us more bang for our buck,” Alsandor explains.

If you are traveling through Opelousas please use caution since many of the roadways are being worked on.

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