As a weary world stumbles into the final few months of the dumpster fire that has been the year 2020 we remind you that we still have a few more hurdles to jump and hills to climb as far as our well-being is concerned. We have been weathering the COVID-19 pandemic since March and now we stand on the threshold of seasonal flu season.

Personally, I am not one for getting a flu shot, but I got one this year on Monday. The reason? In my mind, the evidence was compelling enough to me that a flu vaccination would be the best health choice for myself and for my community.

I will explain my reasoning. It might not be sound enough for you but at least we can say we discussed it right? By the way, it is possible to discuss issues like this without arguing despite what you'll read on social media.

COVID-19 is the primary reason I got a flu shot. No, the seasonal flu shot will not prevent or destroy that virus. But I'd rather not take a chance of getting the flu and COVID-19 at the same time, yes that can happen. I also don't want to see our medical facilities overwhelmed by an influx of flu patients coupled with an expected influx of COVID-19 patients.

By the way, in order to make sure you are fully protected against the season flu you'll want to get the flu shot right now or at least by Halloween. This will give your body the two weeks or so it needs to ramp up your "in-house" protection. That should mean you're fully protected by the time the meat of the seasonal flu season arrives.

In my case, the flu shot was free thanks to my insurance. Most insurance plans cover the cost of the shots as well. Whether or not you choose to get yours is going to be your call.

Regardless, I hope you'll continue to practice good hygiene and handwashing, mind your social distancing, stay home if you're not feeling well, and remember a face mask is simply a dress code. If you can abide by No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service, you should be able to live with "wear a mask".

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