Many schools in Acadiana are celebrating their teachers this first week of May. Well, today is the big day: National Teachers' Day. These selfless individuals care for thousands of kids throughout their careers and today we can say, thank you!

But how did this day come to be?

The team at explains how the day came to be:

Everyone has had that favorite teacher that has helped inspire them. This day meant to honor them was actually made by a teacher. None other than First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt herself. Eleanor Roosevelt was more than Franklin D. Roosevelt’s wife, she has a history of civic duty and was an advocate for fellow teachers. Her love for education began at a young age when she was privately tutored and encouraged by her aunt Anna “Barnie” Roosevelt. No matter how high she rose on the social ladder, she never forgot where she came from.


Can you name all of your teachers up until you graduated high school? I'm going to take a trip down memory lane and try.

So, thank you...

  1. Mrs. Huff
  2. Mrs. Makusky
  3. Mrs. Adams
  4. Mrs. Craddock
  5. Mrs. Hebert
  6. Mrs. Webb
  7. Mrs. Hargrove
  8. Mrs. Brignac
  9. Coach Mills
  10. Mrs. Gallardo
  11. Coach Gardner
  12. Mrs. Lyles

Mrs. Lyles made an especially big impact on my life as the person who opened my eyes to broadcasting for the first time. We had a full studio at school where we recorded school announcements. This was my favorite class in high school-- no surprise there! I also got my earliest experience at Channel 13, which was a working television station that was run by St Tammany Parish Schools. Great memories and teachers were at the center of so many of those great times.

Again... thank you!

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