Headlines for the halftime performance read “Red Hot”, “Lit Up the Super Bowl”, “It Was Everything We Hoped It Would Be”, “Half Time Dazzled”, “Powerful Performance". Ummm no. Not in my opinion. I may get some heat for this one, but I just didn't feel it. The Super Bowl halftime performance was not impressive.  I’ve come to have high expectations for the infamous halftime show. I mean think The Who, Prince, Bruno Mars. You expect that level.  And it just wasn’t there this year. The thing is, I really thought it would be.  I was really looking forward to it because I’m a huge Jennifer Lopez fan.  I know what she is capable of and she can be powerful on the stage.  But, she just wasn’t.  She looked gorgeous and she had incredible moves, but that’s all. We can’t say they sounded good, because they were obviously lip-synching. I felt like the transitions could have been better and they could have had something dynamic in between.  Instead, it was basic.  Jennifer looked nervous on the pole and a little unsteady.  So, why use it? Shakira did the same thing over and over. Yes, I may be getting old, but it looked raunchy. Trashy. Like they took the easy route. I may be in the minority here, but I just wasn’t impressed.  It wasn’t good enough for Super Bowl LIV.

Emmie, Jennifer Lopez’s daughter stole the show in my opinion.  She was a nice surprise and probably the only saving grace. Bummed.

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