Super Bowl LVII has now come and gone but today people were still talking about Rihanna's performance. The opinions range from "the worst Super Bowl Halftime Show of all time" to "the best ever".

Rihanna, sporting her very prominent baby bump, performed a medley of her hits mostly while suspended in the air. In fact, most of her dancers were also suspended during most of the setlist (We can't legally show you a clip from the Super Bowl). So why were Rihanna and her dancers in the air for most of the Halftime show? Was it for the spectacle? Not really.

The Glendale, Arizona St. Farm Stadium has a very unique real grass field. It was the first of its type in the U.S. when the stadium opened in early August, 2006. The entire playing field is 100,000 square feet of Tifway 4.19 hybrid Bermuda grass.

The grass sits on a rail system that actually carries the entire field outside of the stadium for the much-needed Arizona sunshine. It can be watered, fertilized and cut, and even painted all while outside.

The grass is on an elevated platform that uses rails (underneath) to transport the natural grass tray outside and back in. A huge flap lifts open on the side of the arena and motors slide the entire field outside. When the grass has had enough sunshine, workmen bring the platform back into the arena.

The arena has a sliding roof that can open and close but doesn't provide enough sunshine across the entire field.

If you watched the game on Sunday, you saw many players having a tough time getting a grip on the real grass field. It was reported Sunday that the grass had been sprayed with something prior to the game.

One of the reasons Rihanna and her dancers were on platforms 15 to 60 feet in the air most of the performance is because of the fragile grass on the field. That many people dancing on the field for nearly half an hour would have really torn it up.

Rihanna was safe the entire time as the platforms were designed to hold the weight of a freight train.

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