The “Shangri-La” sign on Johnston Street will soon be replaced with a “La Papa Loca” sign. According to Developing Lafayette, Shangri La will be consolidated their operations within their sister restaurant, Dozo, which is located behind the former Shangri-La building. From a business stand point, this is probably a wise move. So about that “La Papa Loca” sign. Yes, the Hispanic restaurant will be taking over the old Shangri-La building located at 4702 Johnston Street. This will be the restaurant’s second location in Lafayette with the first at 1403 Eraste Landry Road.

La Papa Loca has grown tremendously since opening in 2014. They serve authentic Honduras & Mexican dishes like platillo de arrachera, gorditas, chilies cobijados, and yes… tacos. I was really surprised to see Mexican Hotdogs and breakfast items on their menu.

La Papa Loca Facebook

Yes Lafayette may have an over abundance of Mexican restaurants right now, but what makes La Papa Loca so unique is that they’re AUTHENTIC and it’s not only Mexican, it’s also Honduran.  This quote on their website homepage says it all: “I’m glad to have finally found such an authentic restaurant like La Papa Loca! Truly reminded me of being back at my grandma’s kitchen table. DELICIOUS!”

La Papa Loca Facebook

They are revamping the building add some Hispanic culture. According to Developing Lafayette, they are also renovating the kitchen and purchasing new equipment.

La Papa Loca Facebook

The new location has a tentative opening date for the end of February. Follow their Facebook page or check out their website for more information and their full menu.

Oh, and don’t forget you can still get the same great food offered by Shangri-La at their new location in Dozo in the same shopping center.

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