If you're one of the many Americans sensitive to caffeine, then you probably have decaffeinated coffee to start your day. Decaf coffee won't give you that jolt to make you come to life in the morning, but it will still give you the pleasure of a flavorful cup of coffee that won't give you the jitters, stomach ache or headache.

85% of the population will drink one caffeinated beverage per day, the rest of the population will drink a decaffeinated beverage or nothing at all. Scientists have classified caffeine as a psychoactive drug. Caffeine is the most popular drug in modern society.

Sensitivity to caffeine is real. There is a gene in our bodies called the AHR gene and it plays a big roll in whether or not you can tolerate caffeine.

There are four different processes for removing caffeine from green coffee beans. But are these methods safe? And is there enough caffeine left behind to cause problems for those sensitive to it?

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