There is a unique business coming to Lafayette and you will definitely want to check it out.

It is a coffee shop but with an interesting twist.

Coffeeweed Cottage is a local business that is all about bringing people together. This new community-based business was founded by Denise Champagne-McClure in the hope to create a place that not only brings people together but also inspires people in an eclectic setting centered around the things that most people love, plants, books, coffee, and good conversation.

“The elements we have are the 4 things I absolutely love and know; coffee w/chicory, plants, books, and of course home decor,” says Champagne-McClure. “My other reason for opening this business is to reach our community in a way that I know and love, through conversation. Truly getting to know people and having hard conversations over a cup of coffee or tea. The location we picked was purposeful for this and intentional, which is for another conversation. So yeah, to know the rest of the story you gotta come see me, grab a cup, and let’s talk.”

Coffeeweed Cottage will feature a full coffee shop as well as a bookstore. This unique shop will also have several home decor items that customers can purchase. But I think the most interesting part of this new shop will feature a “Grow Bar.”

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What is a "Grow Bar?"

Customers will be able to book private parties and essentially grow their own plants. You can literally pick out the plant you want, the container the plant will grow in, the soil, rocks…etc. You will be able to make the plant your own creation.

Coffeeweed Cottage will be located at 410 Poydras Street in Lafayette, La.

As of right now the tentative opening date for Coffeewood Cottage is the Spring of 2023.

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