The money amounts to nearly half a million dollars in today's dollars.

Let me start by saying that I don't condone crime. However, sometimes there are heists that are pulled off that make you wonder how in the world they were able to make that happen. It's the reason we're drawn any of the Oceans films, right?

Recently, A Secure Life created a list of the most infamous heists across America. Each state had it's own crime that take the cake in the "how did they do it" category. Some are heists found deep in the history books while others are fairly recent. The loot? Anything from money, jewels, explosives, food, vacation homes, even Dorothy's famous ruby slippers.

In Louisiana, it was five men and one helicopter.

According to UPI, these men stole $163,000 from a small bank in Louisiana back in 1984. Their getaway "car" was a helicopter they had stolen and landed on the roof of the bank. If that same stunt was pulled today, the monetary equivalent would be $400,000.

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