There is a bra commercial on television that is a bit much, if I do say so myself.  If those were men, tugging on themselves like that, the public would be outraged.

I don't know what store or website is responsible for the bra commercial I've been seeing but I think they've gone a bit too far.  The commercial has women in bras, some in bras and panties, adjusting themselves to show their ill fitting bra.

Now that may seem innocent enough, but what if that were a group of men selling underwear and adjusting themselves like that.  I think there would be severe backlash.

I also realize that America is one of only a few country's that hasn't embraced the exposing of breasts in public.  In most other countries, it's quite normal to see a topless female on television or at a public beach. But until we accept adopt that mentality here, I think the latest bra commercial I've been seeing on public television presents a double standard.  If these were men, there would be public uproar.

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