They studied 2.3 million families to find out the Exact time of day that is most stressful for parents, and it happens during the CJ and Debbie Ray morning show.  Is it for your family too?

In radio we like to do a lot of things during the 7 A.M. hour.  Talk about the big stories, give out the big concert announcements, take callers for the biggest prizes of the morning, etc.  Even clients want their commercials during that hour.  After discovering the most stressful time of day for parents, I'm not sure parents can really pat attention to the radio.

Kraft conducted a survey using almost two and a half million families and discovered the most stressful time of day for parents is exactly 7:35 A.M.  That is the craziest time of day for families.  Moms and dads are trying to get everyone fed, dressed and out the door.

The Kraft study also indicated, parents spend about 23 minutes a day making breakfast.  According to the research, parents spend about 140 hours a year making breakfast.

We have a suggestion:  Just turn up the radio to drown out the chaos!  Have a good day!

[Via:  Daily Mail]