An organization called Nature's Journey for Mental Health is putting together a great day for foster families in Acadiana.

The Foster Family Adventure Day gives families with foster children an opportunity to go on an adventure together right here in Lafayette.

The event will be held on November 19th at the Acadiana Park Nature Station, and families participating will enjoy a great hike, a scavenger hunt a bioactive Adventure day hike, lunch, scavenger hunts, bioactive vivarium/terrarium class, and an easy course to teach about taking day hikes.

The need for foster families in Acadiana is great, as there are many children in need of a stable home while they wait for a permanent home. Through no fault of their own, these children have had to leave situations that many of us can not even fathom. This is an opportunity for the foster children, and those caring for them, to bond and experience new adventures.


The event is still in need of volunteers to man things like the entry table and sign-up area.

They also need tables with tablecloths and chairs, glue sticks, paint, paintbrushes, mason jars, and someone to help organize the scavenger hunt.

The event begins with sign-up at 10 AM. From there, the families can get started on the arts and crafts project. At 10:30, the first hike will start as a guide takes families through the Acadiana Park Nature Station trails.

via Google Maps
via Google Maps

Also at 10:30, the scavenger hunts will begin, with start times corresponding with the time the family arrived.

At 11:30, the second guided hike will start.

A delicious lunch of red beans and rice with sausage will be served from 12:15 until 1 PM while organizers take the opportunity to make announcements.

The vivarium/terrarium classes begin at 1 PM. Those interested in information on where to take the family on hikes in other areas in Louisiana, guides will be on hand to provide locations and tips for a safe, adventurous hike.

If you can help, please contact Nature's Journey for Mental Health.

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