Yes, Blues Traveler frontman and harmonica legend John Popper gave me one of his harmonicas. I mean, I'm sure he hands out signed harmonicas to people all the time, but I still think the story is pretty cool.

So, how did I get my hands on this bad boy?

John Popper himself handed it to me! That's pretty much as interesting as the story gets, but I'll break it down for you anyways.

I was working my first ever radio job for a Classic Rock station in Rochester, NY and happened to be filling in on the morning show the day that John Popper stopped by the studio. I was lucky enough to sit next to him while he did his interview and ended up talking to him a little, and then it happened, he offered to give me one of his harmonicas.

What?! John Popper offered to give me one of his harmonicas ... what?!

Honestly, I felt kind of bad. I didn't want this music master wasting one of his precious harmonicas on me! But he told me that he has hundreds of harmonicas and pretty much goes through them like Tic-Tacs, so it's really no big deal. So, he pulled out his fancy harmonica case (which had about 14 harmonicas in it), popped out one out, signed it and passed it my way.

And there you have it. That's my not-so-impressive story of how I became the proud owner of a signed John Popper harmonica.

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