Popeyes Fried Chicken is, in my humble opinion, the greatest fried chicken on the planet. (And no I'm not asking anyone to change my mind.)

But those delicious crispy chicken pieces are usually from the commonly consumed parts of the poultry -- like the breast, wing, leg or thigh.

One woman from Texas learned that once in a blue moon, other appendages of the chicken can make its way into the batter.

Behold what Jessica Harrison from Livingston, Texas recently found in her Popeyes order:

Yep, that's a fried chicken head. How does that happen?

Apparently, it was just a simple mistake by one of the cooks. Jessica and her family seemed to be good sports about it.

She even said that they had a little fun before letting the manager know. "The kids had a good time. We chased each other around moving the chicken beak," Jessica said on Facebook.

They would eventually return to the counter to let management know what was in their order. Jessica says their money was refunded and the manager offered her more chicken...to which she politely declined.

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