Technology can get real finicky at times, especially in today's day-and-age where so much is done online.

One lawyer in Texas ran into some trouble during a court hearing when his face was replaced with that of a cat due to technical difficulties on the 'Zoom' call.

Check out the video and further details from @MikaelThalen on Twitter below.

When this Texas lawyer decided that he would use his assistant's computer for a court hearing, he would later find out that a kitten filter would be a small distraction in the proceedings. The internet would later find out just how funny this situation was, as social media had some light-hearted fun at the expense of Attorney Rod Ponton.

It is apparent to me that everyone on this call isn't the most 'tech-savvy'. I am not trying to generalize these older men, but no one on the call was jumping to give Mr. Ponton the solution to his cat-filter issue right off of the top. That left the Texas attorney meow-ing, "I'm here live. I am not a cat".

Good to know, Mr. Ponton! What a hilarious scene, as I can only imaging his assistant frantically trying to get this silly filter off of the boss' face during what seemed to be a very serious court case.

I hope this was a light enough moment for both the judge and everyone else on the call to enjoy, as the rest of the internet is sure having their own laugh now!

You can find more details on this story by clicking HERE.

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