A Texas dad had to think fast when he saw a 12-foot alligator moving toward his children. I can't even imagine how terrifying this must have been. When scary stuff like this happens, parents just act on instinct to protect their children.

According to CNN, Andrew Grande's four-year-old daughter was with her brother and a babysitter by a canal behind their home in League City. When Grande noticed the alligator, he knew he needed to do something quickly. He immediately ran to pick up his daughter and made sure the babysitter and his son got inside their fence. As the alligator was nearing Grande's feet, he quickly threw his daughter over the fence with his son and the babysitter. Luckily, the alligator hunter eventually caught the alligator without anyone being hurt. The alligator rescue was caught on camera.

As you can see in the video, this is pretty scary.





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