Louisiana State Police Troop I was called out to the scene of a fatal crash on US Highway 90 Business Road near Beauregard Road in St. Mary Parish Wednesday afternoon.

As officials began to investigate they believe at this time that 33-year-old Kristin Michele Myers was driving down the roadway behind an F250 truck. A spokesman for Louisiana State Police Troop I Trooper Thomas Gossen says they believe Myers' vehicle hit the back of the truck as that truck was slowing down to make a left turn.

Gossen says they do not know why Myers' vehicle hit the back of the truck; their investigation is ongoing. The woman was taken to a hospital, but she later died from her injuries.

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The driver of the truck was buckled up and was not injured. That driver also submitted to a breathalyzer test, but there was no alcohol found in his system.

Investigators do not know yet whether or not Myers was buckled up, and they are running standard toxicology tests to see whether or not she was impaired.

As the holiday weekend continues, Louisiana State Police officials want to remind drivers to not become distracted while driving.

They remind drivers of the following:

Don't drive while you are impaired.

Don't drive when you are fatigued.

Don't drive with distractions.

Make sure everyone in your vehicle is buckled up.

This is the 46th fatal crash that Louisiana State Police has investigated in the Troop I Acadiana area since the beginning of this year. There have been 51 deaths in these crashes.

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