There was a rally in Downtown Lafayette last night protesting for the removal of the General Alfred Mouton statue. The statue is located in front of Lafayette's old City Hall, now the Lafayette International Center.

From all accounts, the rally was peaceful, but afterwards, a handful of people remained.

Protestors told KATC that at one point after the protest ended, Lafayette Police on the scene asked organizers to remove the shades that allowed images to be projected onto the statue.

Protestors refused to do so. Shortly afterwards, several officers with the Lafayette Police Department arrived on scene including, eventually, Interim Chief Scott Morgan. Chief Morgan allegedly took the shades down from the statue, but an attorney present put them pack up.

Both sides eventually came to a compromise -- they agreed the shades were not a hazard and the LPD allowed it to remain up.

Protestors told KATC that they plan to return to the statue each Saturday until it is taken down for good.


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