I love my Keurig coffee/tea brewing system so much, I came up with 10 reasons why you should own one too.

10.  Like Beta -vs- VHS, the Keurig is here to stay.

9.  In spite of what Debbie Ray was saying on the air a few days ago, I believe it to be well built.

8.  Coffee or tea, brewing perfectly in under 2 minutes.

Photo by CJ

7.  A vast variety of coffees and teas are available at most stores for the Keurig.

6.  There are different models to fit your needs and look.

5.  Clean-up is a cinch.  There really is none!

4.  At the touch of a button, I can tell it to make a small, medium or large cup.  No waste!

3.  I can buy K-cups that allow me to use my own coffee if I choose.

2.  Relatively inexpensive.

Photo by CJ

1.  And the number one reason...it proudly displays my New Orleans Saints mug!