An employee at restaurant spit on a griddle and it was caught on video. The video of 17-year-old Bryan Wilkins spitting on a griddle at Taco Villa is going viral and has a lot of people angry and disgusted. The teen, who works at Taco Villa on S. Gregg Street in Big Spring has been fired. Wilkins’ co-worker was also fired for filming the video, according to Big 2 News.

Bobby Cox Companies, Inc, the owner of the franchise, says it will do everything to correct the issue and prevent it from happening again.

Many customers are disgusted, and understandably so. Wes Baird, who works at a construction site near the restaurant, said he had over 30 meals at Taco Villa over the last three weeks and he is outraged. Baird said he has spoken to a lawyer about the situation.

While many are angry, Karen Alexander says this Taco Villa location shouldn’t pay for the mistake of one employee.

Mayor Shannon Thomas, says although there have been no arrests made or warrants issued, there will be consequences.

Folks are pretty upset and understandably so. It’s just not something you do. The city doesn’t find this amusing at all. We’re not downplaying this at all. And so when issues like this come up, we’ll respond immediately. – Mayor Shannon Thomas

On Friday morning, Wilkins turned himself in to the District Attorney.

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