A press release has been sent out by the Lafayette Police Department in relation to the recent looting incident that occurred in Upper Lafayette. Photos of Juquan Calais and Terry Thompson have been released in an effort to locate the two men.

The press release reads, "On August 29, investigators with the Lafayette Police Department were able to obtain arrest warrants for a Mr. Juquan Calais, 21, (B/M) and Mr. Terry Thompson, 25 (B/M) both of Lafayette".

Juquan Calais
T. Thompson
Terry Thompson

The incident that resulted in these warrants took place at 2007 NW Evangeline Thruway. The August 24 looting of Citi Trends was widely spread on social media, even prompting Lafayette Police to ask the public for help identifying some of the looters seen on videos at the scene of the incident.

This is an ongoing investigation.

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