I think I'm going to demand a recount.

Remember when you were a kid and your mom wouldn't let you leave the dinner table until your vegetable were gone? I can remember promising myself that I would outlast my mom, but somehow I always ended up just sucking it up and eating my broccoli. I always assumed that kids everywhere were going through the same battle as me. Now, I think my mom is the reason I love vegetables.

Which is why it's strange to think that there are people out there who have never eaten a vegetable in their life. Not. One. At least, according to a recent survey conducted by VeggiesTracker.com.

I'm not sure how anyone could have gone through life without one string bean or baby carrot.

The survey also revealed that we are not eating enough vegetables on a daily basis. The average person only include vegetables in one-third of their meals. Veggies are loaded with vitamins that are essential to our health.

So why aren't we eating them?

The survey found that one quarter of people believe that vegetables are too expensive. One quarter of people also see their produce go bad before they are able to eat it all. Others are unaware of how to cook veggies.

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