Let's start this out with a warning. This practice should only be done after a complete understanding of the possible damage that can be done to your eyes. It is not a recommended practice by any means. Certain precautions must always be taken to ensure your health and well-being when attempting this activity.

So, we are clear on this warning?

The practice of sun gazing or sun-eating has been a part of the human culture since the times of the earliest humans. They believed that the energy the sun gives to the Earth can be given to all of the inhabitants of the planet as well.

NASA confirms the connection between looking at the sun and certain biological changes that occur in the body. In particular, the practice stimulates the pineal gland and the brain. The stimulation of sunlight via sun gazing has reportedly helped to ease mental tension, slow the aging process, and eliminate diseases.

Those who believe and follow the practice say it is possible to go several days, even weeks, without eating food. That gives a whole new meaning to choosing something from the "light" menu. You can imagine why NASA has such an interest in this process when you consider how much food would need to be carried aboard spaceships on interplanetary voyages.

I am choosing to not explain the process to you in this article. However, if you'd like to read more about the process it is quite interesting. Remember, should you choose to partake in this practice the potential for irreversible damage is great and you do so of your own free will. We are taking no responsibility if you choose to attempt this practice.

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