According to KATC, Ochsner Lafayette General Medical Center will be offering free stroke screenings this Saturday, November 21, at the Burdin Riehl Center. The screenings will be from 7:30 am to 11:30 am and are by appointment only. To make your appointment, call 337-289-7390.

You may not realize if you are in danger of a stroke. Chanda Babineaux, Stroke Coordinator, told KATC that almost every year they have sent someone to the hospital because they had high blood pressure or blockage in their neck that needed attention right away.


This is a great service to provide to our community and it’s free. Take the opportunity and get assessed.

Many people aged 45 and older may have ha a stroke and not even realized it, according to WebMD. It’s important to know the warning signs of a stroke and seek medical attention if any of the symptoms appear.


Sudden weakness or numbness in the face, arm, or leg on one side of the body

Abrupt loss of strength, coordination, sensation, speech, or the ability to understand speech. These symptoms may become more marked over time.

Sudden dimness of vision, especially in one eye, or abrupt loss of vision.

Sudden loss of balance, possibly accompanied by vomiting, nausea, fever, hiccups, or trouble with swallowing

Sudden and severe headache with no other cause followed rapidly by loss of consciousness -- indications of a stroke due to bleeding

Brief loss of consciousness

Unexplained dizziness or sudden falls

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