For all of you guys who like big butts and you don’t know why, new research suggests that you are probably just stressed out.

Recent study findings indicate that men in the clutches of stress are more likely to find overweight and obese women attractive than guys basking in the complacent world of no worries land.

Apparently, there is something to all of this nonsense, as the new study is said to comply with previous research, which shows that when resources are scarce, people prefer the company of heavier partners.

The study, which was conducted by psychologist Viren Swami of the University of Westminster and Martin Tovee of Newcastle University, was comprised of 81 men who were randomly assigned either a stressful situation, such as a job interview, or a relaxing condition, like waiting quietly in a room.

Afterwards, the men were asked to rate the attractiveness of various photos of women ranging from the size of a scrawny alley cat to morbidly obese.

What researchers found was that stressed-out men evaluated both heavier women and those of a normal weight in a more positive light than those men who did not experience any stress.

Researchers say the results of the study proves that stress impacts body size judgement, and they believe their data could help explain why beauty standards seem to vary from culture to culture.

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