Lafayette Consolidated Government's Storm Drain Art Project is underway in support of the city's beautification efforts.

According to the city's website, the painting of selected storm drains in high-traffic areas is to compliment existing efforts for cleanliness, beautification and education.

4 drains are to be painted: On UL's campus in front of Dupre Library; on Jefferson Street at N. Orange; in the Oil Center on Girard Park Drive at Hospital Drive; and Downtown near the corner of Polk and Garfield.

Storm Drain Art (Photo by John Falcon)
Storm Drain Art (Photo by John Falcon)

The project benefits not only Lafayette, but also areas down Bayou Vermilion by encouraging people to protect the watershed. LCG urges residents to pick up waste (including trash, yard clippings, animal waste) and safeguard against chemicals leeching into the soil and water drains. The Storm Drain Art Project is an effort to leave a visual reminder to take care of our local ecology.

The images that the artists are painting on the drains will be local in nature. The drain on Jefferson Street, which was not complete at the time of this photograph, is to  feature a catfish and a magnolia:

Drain Art Project Photo by John Falcon
Drain Art Project (Photo by John Falcon)

The paints are non-toxic and are being provided to the artists by LCG. The artists are to receive $500 each for their work.

Now that the storm drains are being painted, let's all do our part to help prevent flooding in Lafayette and the pollution of Bayou Vermilion: you and I can do our part by being mindful of what we allow into the drains and by keeping our yards and streets free of waste; LCG can do something about the drainage in general to help protect our property (Have you been Downtown during a heavy rain? You almost need a boat to get to Pop's PoBoys! The corner of Ambassador and Dulles? Sometimes impassable after a hard rain).


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