A stop sign.

A red octagon on a pole that saves lives every day, telling drivers when their vehicle needs to come to a halt so they can avoid a crash that could cause them injury or even death.

Apparently some people think it's OK to take some of these valuable signs for themselves. In Acadia Parish, authorities have raised concern over stop signs being stolen recently. As a matter of fact, at least three stop signs have been stolen within the past month. That's according to the Acadia Parish Police Jury.

“This is a considerable offense that can lead to danger for our citizens,” said Bryan Borill, Secretary Treasurer of the Police Jury. “Drivers who are unaware about current signage can cause accidents, which can lead to injury or death. Sign theft is not just a matter of vandalism—it's a serious safety issue.”

Notice Borill said "sign theft." Apparently, yield signs, 911 signs, and other traffic signs are also being stolen from public areas within the parish.

The city of Lawrence, Mississippi, is also having a traffic sign theft problem. As chronicled in Lawrence Journal-World, stolen traffic signs has cost the city $30,000.00 so far this year. That's 230 traffic signs.

According to the article, a stop sign costs about $50 but it's the installation of them that can run the bill up, a bill which is footed by taxpayers.

“It’s not something that comes to mind, that your tax dollars are being spent to install and maintain them,” traffic engineer David Woosley said in the LJWorld.com article. “And, if you do something to cause a safety hazard, then it’s an incident that can really cost the public.”

In Louisiana, depending on how much the sign(s) that were stolen cost, an offender can spend anywhere from 6 months to 5 years behind bars.

The Acadia Police Jury asks you to call them at 337-788-8700 if you know of a missing traffic sign within the parish.

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