Have you ever come home and wondered why your trash can wasn't where you placed it before leaving the house?

Maybe you've woken up and found your trash can a few houses down the street or face down in the road at the end of your driveway.

There are many reasons why your trashcan might not be where you left it including wind, animals, or maybe you have one of those automated garbage trucks that didn't put it down properly.

Or maybe you live on a road where an oversized load on a huge truck just annihilated every trashcan in its path.

That's exactly what Lane Mack captured on video after his vehicle was almost smacked by a trashcan that was flung into the air when it was hit by heavy machinery loaded onto the back of this 18-wheeler.

Mack recorded the video on S. Fieldspan Road just before the roundabout.

He says he witness multiple trashcans being hit as he followed the truck.

If you live down S. Fieldspan Rd. and are wondering why your trash cans are destroyed and in the middle of the road now, here is your answer. I started filming after he hit one and threw it into the air almost hitting the front of my truck.

Of course, these trashcans are registered to the residences that they serve and if you've ever had to replace or repair one, you know they aren't cheap. New cans can run you anywhere between $45.00 to $65.00.

Also, let's be real; no one wants a broken trashcan—especially if they didn't break it.

To be fair, sometimes trashcans are left lingering on the roads and it isn't always the fault of the homeowner either.

And sometimes, people are just jerks.

So, in conclusion, if you ended up with a damaged (or missing) trashcan down S. Fieldspan, this oversized load just may be the culprit.

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