I love a good martini and I love Mac n Cheese…but do the two go together?

On Wednesday, Velveeta released a unique spin on a dirty martini, but this one is made with cheese.

Here is the Velveeta-infused vodka martini, or the “Veltini”.

If you are wondering where you can get this new martini there are certain groups with the BLT Restaurant Group that are offering this drink at select locations. The cocktail will be $15 and will only be offered during “golden hour” from 5 pm to 8 pm. However, this cheesy creation won’t be around forever, the team did announce that this is a limited-time offer and once supplies run out sadly it will all be over.

You can expect the martini to of course feature the signature Velveeta cheese flavor infused into vodka but it is also served with olive brine and vermouth. The martini will be garnished with Velveeta stuffed olives and jumbo Velveeta shells and cheese. There will also be a cheese drip rim on the glass for decoration.

"As we look to summer, one of life's greatest pleasures is enjoying summer sips during golden hour," Kelsey Rice, Senior Brand Communications Manager for Velveeta said in a statement. "We wanted to find a way to elevate this experience for our fans even further, by bringing the rich, creamy goodness of Velveeta to a martini in a unique and unexpected way for the ultimate outrageous pleasure."


Now after doing some digging I did notice that there is nowhere local to Louisiana that will serve this drink. However, customers can snag the cheesy martini online via Goldbelly.

Of course, social media went crazy when this news came out and people had plenty to say about this new spin on a classic drink.


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