This is why we love sports.

NFL star JJ Watt recently saw that a fan in Houston was selling some of her merchandise to help pay for her grandfather's funeral and that is when he stepped in.

The Arizona Cardinals star, who once played for the Houston Texans, responded to a woman's Tweet and told her to not sell anything.

He would go on to say that he would help cover her family member's funeral expenses.

Since the story and Tweets surfaced, some on social media are questioning the woman's story. There are allegations that suggest that the woman may be formulating a scam.

We will dive into that after we acknowledge what the NFL star was willing to do upon seeing the original Tweet.

Here's her original Tweet and Watt's response.

Now, let's get to the scam part of this story. Some on Twitter are saying that the same woman here has asked for help in the past, with funeral expenses.

Still, if this is a scam, it does not overshadow the generosity of JJ Watt. We have covered a number of stories in the past where Watt has stepped up for people that are in need of help.

Here are a few Tweets that have surfaced claiming Simpson was attempting to scam others on social media.


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