Acadiana, indeed the world, has lost a cultural treasure. I awoke shortly after 4 am Saturday to see the announcement on Facebook that Stanley "Buckwheat" Dural Jr. had passed away from lung cancer about 3 hours earlier.  He was revered by his colleagues, locally, and worldwide. Numerous tributes began appearing almost immediately in social media. The old saying, "been there & done that" certainly applies to Stanley. He performed at the Olympics, 2 presidential inaugurals, and countless venues around the world. My first opportunity to see him perform was in Denver, of all places. Eric Clapton had chosen the Buckwheat Zydeco as opening act on his 25th anniversary tour. I can tell you from firsthand experience, a fight with cancer drains a family on multiple levels, emotionally, and financially. A Gofundme has been established to help defray his massive medical bills. Click here to help. As my friend & colleague Garry Domingue said on his Facebook page Saturday morning, "Make God Dance."

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