We like to think they're perfect, but the truth is, our favorite pop stars sometimes have a few missteps along the way like the rest of us. And for these 13 artists, their literal missteps just so happened while performing -- so it was all caught on tape.

Harry Styles, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Katy Perry and many more of our fave pop stars have accidentally tripped, misjudged their moves or even straight-up fell off the stage during their concerts. Yikes! While they could choose to be super embarrassed, most stars just keep on truckin' (we're looking at you, Biebs!) laugh it off (oh hey, Harry Styles) or even just disappear into the crowd (sorry, Connor Ball). But whatever the case, we love that they didn't let their falls faze them -- even if they do happen to be incredibly entertaining for us.

Check out 13 unlucky stage falls in the video above!

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