As if it wasn't bad enough that we can't put our phones down, like, comes an attachment for a spoon and fork so you never have to stop looking at your phone while you eat.

Firstly, they're marketing it as a utensil that is made to decrease disposable utensil usage. Maybe it's just me, but that seems like a cop-out. If you're gonna market something like this, just go ahead and be straight forward with what you're doing. You're marketing to people who really don't want to put their phones down...ever.

That being said, the "sphoon_phork" looks cumbersome and awkward to use. It might even make looking at your phone while eating harder to do. So, in that regard they've already failed.

The company, based out of Singapore, started a Kickstarter campaign to fund this endeavor. They were in need of $11,036 to make it happen. As of this writing, they've raised a whopping $347.

Here's what the "sphoon_phork" looks like in action:

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