The window washers at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis, TN, kind of make 'Patch Adams' seem like a big old meany. Two of the hospital's three-man window washing team dressed up like Spider-Man, and then rappelled down the side of the building, lifting childrens' spirits while cleaning windows. But yeah, a clown nose is good too.

Remember how we said two of the hospital's three-man team dressed as Spider-Man? That's because the other one put on a Captain America costume and went around to talk to the kids. That's awesome enough that it could possibly make a diet of soft foods seem not so bad.

The three men -- Jordan Emerson, Steve Oszaniec and Danny Oszaniec -- all work for American National Skyline, a window washing company cool enough to let its employees work in costume when they want to. Talk about heroes!

Watch a video of the Spider-Men in action below.

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