A woman in Acadiana is warning others about a potential threat involving juveniles.

Nikita Courvillle shared this photo of a broken window on a vehicle on social and now it has gotten the attention of many.

Courville says that this is the aftermath of kids throwing rocks at vehicles near Section 28 Road. This reportedly happened as a family member turned off the road and headed towards the Parks/Breaux Bridge intersection on Nursery Highway.

In the social media that Courville published, she says that kids were in a field and throwing rocks at vehicles as they approached them. Police in this particular were not notified because Courville says that they could not identify the kids that threw the rocks at the vehicle.

Police Car Lights
Carolina K. Smith,M.D., Getty Stock / ThinkStock

However, she shared this bit of news with others on Facebook in hopes that others can be on the lookout for the kids and she hopes that no one gets injured in this prank.

In addition to her family member's vehicle being hit, another elderly man reports to them that his vehicle was targeted before this incident in the same area off of Section 28 Rd.

So, if you or someone you know travels the roads in this part of Acadiana, you may want to notify them of this potential threat.

If you have any information on kids throwing rocks in this area, you can contact the St. Martin Parish Sheriff's Office at 337-331-0011.


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