Despite the fact that an imposing hurricane was bearing down on South Louisiana late last week, at least one lucky lottery player took a minute out of their day and a few dollars out of their pocket to purchase a ticket and play in Friday's drawing for the Mega Millions multi-state lottery game.

There was no big winner in the Mega Millions drawing for this past Friday night but there were several winning tickets sold in the Bayou State. In addition to the million-dollar winner, there was a ticket sold for the drawing that is worth $1,500 and another worth $500. Plus lottery players in Louisiana also purchased two tickets that are worth $600 and another eight tickets that were valued at $200.

Here is how the drawing for Friday, August 27, 2021, played out.


The winning numbers according to the Mega Millions website were:

01   10   44   47   56  MB 23  Megaplier x3

The Louisiana Lottery's Big Wins in Louisiana page tells us the $1 million dollar winner was sold in Lake Charles. Rather ironic that at least one person will have a good memory of August 27th. You might recall it was August 27th one year ago that Hurricane Laura unleased a lot of devastation on that city and the surrounding area.

The $1 million-dollar winner was purchased at Stop Time. Which is located at 5728 Lake Street in Lake Charles. The winning ticket matched all five of the white ball numbers. So they were just one number away from the game's top prize, which on Friday was an estimated $288 million.

California Joins Mega Millions Lottery
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While it might be fun to think"what might have been" getting an extra $1 million is certainly nothing to be upset about. By the way, if you happen to hold that particular ticket you'll want to make sure you sign the back of it. That way no one else can lay claim to that prize.

You will need to contact the Louisiana Lottery Office for instructions on what you'll need to do to claim your prize.  Meanwhile, the Mega Millions Jackpot will continue to grow. It is estimated that the jackpot will be $306 million for Tuesday's drawing.

Sharon McCutcheon via
Sharon McCutcheon via

One more lottery note for you, there will be a Powerball drawing tonight. That multi-state lottery game now does drawings on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday nights. The jackpot in tonight's game will be an estimated $332 million. So, that means you have three chances to change your life. Hopefully for the better if you win.

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