Despite the "help" that the current Presidential administration is giving to America's energy producers the energy business appears to be not only alive and well in south Louisiana. It appears to be growing.

While current Presidental politics have clamped down on what our country's oil producers can do, the liquified natural gas business is apparently booming. Probably not the best word choice in a story about natural gas, but you get the idea.

Venture Global has announced plans for additional development and construction in south Louisiana. According to reports, the company is looking at investing an additional $10 billion dollars in an LNG facility to be built in Cameron Parish. Venture Global already has a $7 billion dollar facility in Calcasieu Parish. So, it's pretty obvious Venture Global loves the climate, and I'm not talking about the weather, of the southwestern part of our state.

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The new facility will be known a CP2, Calcasieu Pass Two. The complex will be constructed on 650 acres in Cameron Parish. In the construction plan, there are 170 acres on Monkey Island that will be used. That location will provide the facility with access to the Calcasieu Ship Channel. That's important because the deep-water of the Calcasieu Ship Channel can handle the vessels needed to move the final product toward its final destination.

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David McNew/Getty Images

So, what about those jobs?

In the beginning, the new Venture Global project is expected to create more than 2,300 jobs as the facility is being constructed. Many of those construction jobs are high paying and should provide a nice economic boost to the economy of the area.

As far as permanent jobs, Venture Global expects the plant will create more than 200 direct high paying jobs. That will be augmented by some 800 indirect jobs at the plant. This should really help add to the tax rolls of both Cameron and Calcasieu Parish.

According to the Venture Global website CP2 LNG:

The CP2 LNG terminal will be located on an approximately 546-acre site in Cameron Parish, Louisiana. The CP Express pipeline will originate in Jasper County, Texas and feed natural gas to the proposed LNG facility in Cameron Parish, Louisiana.

As you might imagine there are more than a few hurdles the company will have to go through before we'll start to see construction begin in earnest. But according to the company's website the plan is on target to work through the application processes and move forward throughout 2022 and into 2023.

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Venture Global, in addition to operating a facility in Calcasieu Parish also has locations in Plaquemines Parish where they operate Venture Global Plaquemines LNG and Venture Global Delta LNG. The project has been endorsed as part of Governor John Bel Edwards initiative of net-zero emissions by the year 2050

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